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About Schoodic Solutions

We're A Maine Business

At Schoodic Solutions, we stand apart as the only tech company in Washington County offering full-stack web development and design services.

Nestled in the heart of Maine, we extend our expertise to clients in Calais, Eastport, Machias, Lubec, and beyond, serving businesses not just across the United States but around the globe.

Modern and Knowledgable

We use the latest in modern web technologies to build speedy and responsive web applications. We're attentive to your needs, and we'll be with you 100% of the way from the initial design to the day your product goes live.

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Ryan Prescott

Founder, Owner, CEO

Ryan Prescott
  • 5+ years freelancing with strong leadership and business management expertise.
  • Lifelong exposure to computers and tech, nurturing a comprehensive understanding.
  • 5+ years in web technologies, system administration and project management.
Ryan Prescott

Chief Experience Officer

PJ Wise
  • 10+ years mastering customer service and sales, with a knack for making every interaction count.
  • 5+ Years Of Translating Customer Needs And Wants Into Beautifully Developed And Engaging Frontend UIs.
  • Over a decade shaping customer journeys with the latest tech, leading teams to deliver memorable service.
Muneeb Ahmed

Chief Design Officer

Muneeb Ahmed
  • 5+ years experience in UI/UX Design and Figma.
  • Skilled in mocking up application dashboards that merge functionality with aesthetics seamlessly.
  • Accomplished in designing and building engaging landing pages and websites with user-centered design principles.
Abdul Ghani

Director of Project Management

Abdul Ghani
  • Expertise in SEO and marketing strategies to enhance online presence and engagement.
  • Proficient in full Stack development, creating dynamic and responsive web solutions.
  • Adaptable in working with different technologies for development tasks and content management.

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